Continuation and Season 2

New York Fashion Week is upon us. As I continue not to understand the adoration for Jeremy Scott, the lack of adoration for Azrouel, and the apparent absence of anything exciting, it has dawned that for the first time in a long while, it is an amateur I am most excited for.

Kanye West continues to surprise. My respect for him as a musical artist, his ability to tell stories, convey emotions, think to the future, has always been intact. But now, as we finally see Yeezy Season 1 fleshed out and await anxiously the apparent surprise showing of Season 2 (this time sans Adidas), my respect for him as a fashion designer has reached new heights.


The always divisive Ian Connor models Season 1

The always divisive Ian Connor models Season 1

However, my respect for him as a business man, and perhaps technically as a designer as well, has not been helped by looking at the pricing. Several tops cost over $2,000, distressed sweaters reach as high as $1,000 and the Yeezy 950 DuckBoots are projected to debut at $510.


Yeezy 950 DuckBoots

Yeezy 950 DuckBoots

West began this project with a similar mindset as myself: to bring high-fashion, particularly with an emphasis on street-wear, to a wider audience. These new developments do nothing for that cause. He has proven himself as an artist. Now, much like myself, he must prove himself as an innovator.


What’s Louis?

The gap between luxury and accessibility in the fashion world seems to be constantly increasing.

While companies like H&M, Zara, and Asos seek to, and in many cases do, bridge this divide, it very much still exists, especially in countries without the audience to back it up.

My personal ambition, at the very least for this project, is to develop and design a thesis for making affordable fashion. That is to say, effay, quality pieces of clothing that can be consumed by the general public.